Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016

A Girl

One upon a time, there lived a girl in a confusing world. She didn't think she was pretty neither ugly. But that world change her way of thinking. People always said that she was ugly, whenever they had a chance. She cannot do anything. Cause she knew that she wasn't pretty. Whatever she wore, even when someone have said it was a really good clothes, but never even once people said that what she wore was good. It looked like she made the clothes looks ugly. Altough she was sure that she didn't overdress or underdress, people still talk that she was ugly. She confused. She didn't know what to do. She wanted to change. She didn't want people getting annoyed because she was being ugly. She wanted a make over. She wanted to use a cream that would makes her skin glow, her face prettier, or a soap that could change her to a brand new girl. So she could face peoples better. But what if God thought that she didn't thankful enough? What if God got mad cause she didn't accept what God had given to her and left her? She was on dillema. In the end, she chose God. Although she knew God would never leave her, she wanted to show it to God that she accepted whatever God gave her. Whatever people said to her shouldn't matter. Cause happiness wouldn't just come to a beautiful girl. Cause she knew that God would never makes even a single mistake.

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