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Example of Analytical Exposition

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Wooden Cutting Board
Cutting Board is a tool that used as the base when we cut the ingredient of a food. This tool is used to protect the table from scratch. Housewife who likes cooking must be very familiar with this tool. Or maybe, this tool become the must have tool in the kitchen. Nowadays, there are various kind of cutting board. One of them is Wooden Cutting Board. So, is this cutting board better than others?

Generally wooden cutting board has more pores. It makes bacteria get in easier. But, microbiologist from Food Research Institute in University of Wisconsin found that wood has nature ability to kill bacteria. The ability will make the bacteria dry and die for 3 minutes. Meanwhile plastic cutting board makes the bacteria survive because it is hard and doesn’t has pores and also give the chance for bacteria to multiply themself.     
Wooden cutting board also safer than plastic cutting board. When we use wooden cutting board sometimes accidentally some piece of the wood will get into our food. If it is happen, it wouldn’t harm our body and can be processed by our body, because wooden cutting board made from organik material. Meanwhile the plastic cutting board, made from anorganic material that we called it polyethylene. If we swallow it, it can not be processed by our body. Of course it will harm our body.   
Beside that, wooden cutting board doesn’t make the knife that we use blunt. It is because wood isn’t really hard. Wooden cutting board is better on keeping the knife sharp than the plastic or glass.
Washing wooden cutting board is easy enough. You just have to spread a layer of salt and let it for one night. Then rub the cutting board with towel and rinse it until clean. The salt will remove the oil and has a role as abrasive to peel the waste off. After that, to keep the wooden cutting board from the bacteria, when you put it in the rack, it is best to place it vertically and not horizontally.   

From all of that, we can conclude that wooden cutting board is safe and good for us. It is more resistant to the development of bacteria than the plastic ones. Then it is safer than plastic because it is made from wood. Beside that, it wouldn’t makes our knife blunt and easy to wash.  

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